Interpreting the song line “Where do you go after the show?” as a question about where humans go after they die, the
movie is a spiritual journey through a sort of afterlife.  Each of the characters in Elk City’s 2010 are on his or her own journey through the spiritual realm. By omitting any sort of common facial features, I allow the viewer to place his or her own self onto the characters, and it also adds a sense of emptiness and lack of concrete space to the characters’ presence on the screen.

Part 1 of a planned 3 part cycle.

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Heather Duby's One Canary, Two....

The Pinto Room

Elk City's 2010

Song “One Canary, Two....”
Written by Heather Duby

Tommy Unish - Guitars
Tom Barrett - Drums
Heather Duby - Piano, Vox
Matt Bayles - Production, Engineering

Video for “One Canary, Two....”
Written, Illustrated and Animated by Peter R. Parlegreco

Additional Illustrations by Jasper C. Parlegreco

Special Thanks to Kethley A. Parlegreco and Sean Coryell